Peavey SP-2P 15" 1500w Powered Speaker Cabinet with ADSP

Peavey SP-2P 15" 1500w Powered Speaker Cabinet with ADSP
Peavey SP-2P 15" 1500w Powered Speaker Cabinet with ADSP Peavey SP-2P 15" 1500w Powered Speaker Cabinet with ADSP Peavey SP-2P 15" 1500w Powered Speaker Cabinet with ADSP Peavey SP-2P 15" 1500w Powered Speaker Cabinet with ADSP
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 Peavey SP® 2 15" 2-Way PA Speaker System

The Peavey® SP®2P is a powered, bi-amplified, two-way speaker system engineered to provide very high levels of performance in a compact powered loudspeaker. This two-way powered system is comprised of a 1000 W peak switching power amplifier driving a 15" Black Widow® BWX series woofer, now with a long throw voice coil. The 2" RX™22CT titanium diaphragm compression driver is driven by a 500 W peak switching power amplifier, and is coupled to a low coloration waveguide with a coverage pattern of 100° horizontal by 50° vertical.

The SP®2P is capable of up to 130 dB peak SPL. The enclosure is constructed of plywood augmented with internal braces, covered with a textured black painted finish. The shape is a modified-trapezoidal form, with a full-length coated perforated steel grille, to offer an attractive yet durable powered speaker system. A pair of four-way inset handles, one on each side, provide convenient transport and handling. The cabinet and grille are black.

Two independent mixed input channels each offer a balanced input to the preamp/EQ electronics, and a level control. Each channel has one combo female XLR and 1/4" TRS phone jack. It is switchable between mic-level and line-level sensitivity. Channel 2 has a 3.5 mm media jack added. A line out section has male XLR connectors. The Thru outputs allow linking of additional speaker systems, or feed of the signal to a powered subwoofer, etc.

The power amplifiers providing the bi-amplification are low-distortion switching units providing 1000 W peak available power into the nominal 4 ohm load of the woofer, and a 500 W peak available power into the nominal 8 ohm load of the tweeter. The power supply for both amps is a switch mode type for low weight and high efficiency. Both amplifiers feature our DDT™ compression, which virtually eliminates audible power amplifier clipping. Cooling is via forced air circulation. A four-way handle on each side provides ease of transport, while multiple fly points are provided to allow overhead rigging.

The combination of the Black Widow® BWX woofer with the RX™22CT tweeter and DSP crossover and EQ provide a clarity and impact beyond conventional powered enclosures. The switching power amps and switch-mode power supply, along with the professional grade speaker components, provide this high level of technological sophistication at a very light weight, while at a very reasonable cost.

Peavey SP®2P Features:

  • Bi-Amplified powered speaker system
  • 1000 Watts peak available woofer power, 500 Watts peak available tweeter power
  • Both power amps have DDT compression
  • 15” BLACK WIDOW® BWX Woofer
  • PEAVEY RX™22CT compression driver tweeter on a quadratic throat waveguide
  • Peak SPL up to 130 dB with music!
  • DSP based crossover, limiting and EQ
  • EQ presets available via rotary encoder push-button select
  • 9-Band EQ and other system settings accessed via rotary encoder push-button select
  • Dynamic bass boost function
  • Up to 150 ms of architectural delay
  • Fan cooled for maximal reliability
  • Two independent mixed input channels, with gain control and mic/line gain switch
  • Each channel features a combo jack with 1/4” TRS & female XLR balanced inputs
  • Input 2 has a 3.5 mm (1/8”) stereo media input jack
  • Output connectors are male XLR
  • Four-way inset handles on each side
  • Full length perforated steel grille
  • Rugged plywood enclosure, with bracing and dado construction
  • Pole mount included
  • Reduced weight – Only 59 pounds!
  • Multiple fly points

Peavey SP®2P Specifications:

Frequency response: 57 Hz to 17 kHz

Low frequency limit (-3 dB point): 57 Hz

Usable low frequency limit (-10 dB point): 51 Hz

Internal power amplifiers (@120 VAC line): 

Woofer - 1000 watts peak available power, Continuous Power: 500 watts @ less than 1% distortion

Tweeter - 500 watts peak available power, Continuous Power: 250 watts @ less than 1% distortion.

Nominal sensitivity (1W @1M, swept sine input in anechoic environment): 99 dB (average)

Maximum sound pressure level: 130 dB music peak

Nominal radiation angles: 100° horizontal by 50° vertical

The vertical main polar lobe is angled down 10 degrees with respect to straight ahead, the vertical coverage angles being +15. –35 deg.

Transducer complement: 15” Black Widow® woofer, Model 1508-4 SPS, and an RX22CT 50 mm voice coil, titanium diaphragm compression driver tweeter on an asymmetrical Quadratic Throat CD Horn.

Box tuning frequency (Fbox): 60 Hz

Electroacoustic crossover frequency: 1.82 kHz

Crossover Slopes: 24 dB/octave (fourth order) low pass, 24dB/octave (fourth order) high pass, and driver EQ.

Input Connections: Two combo female XLR/ 1/4” phone jack providing balanced or unbalanced operation, and one 3.5 mm stereo media jack.

Output Connections:

Two XLR Outputs, one Full Range Thru, electrically buffered with selectable option of Channel A input only, or Ch. A and Ch. B mixed. The other XLR output is a High–Pass Output Controls: Ch. 1 and Ch. 2 Gain control knob. Ch. 1 and Ch. 2 Mic/Line gain select pushbutton Status Indicators: Blue Illuminated LED on the front baffle indicates power On, illumination can be turned Off by user.

Rear panel LCD screen in Input Level mode, shows DDT activation by flashing “DDT” on the LCD screen, right hand side. Signal level indicated by bar graph coming from left hand side of LCD.

Product Specifications:

Electronic Crossover: DSP based, with LCD display and Rotary Encoder Knob for selection of EQ presets and

Graphic EQ. Crossover Frequency Set to 2.0 kHz. Low Pass slope: 24 dB/octave, High Pass slope: 24 dB/octave

DSP Section Specifications:

Latency: Approx. 2.7 msec

Sampling frequency: 96 kHz

Bit Depth: 24 bits for ADC/DAC, 32 bits for DSP calculations.

Enclosure materials and finish:

Plywood with a textured black polyurethane finish. Full length black powder coated metal grille.


12) M8 Threaded Mounting Suspension Points (3 top, 3 bottom and 2 each side & 1 each top rear and bottom

rear). Built-in stand-mount adapter and four large rubber feet on bottom for floor use


H x W x D 26.53 in. x 16.75 in. x 16.93 in. 674 mm x 426 mm x 430 mm


59 lbs. (26.8 kg)


Electronic input impedance (nominal):

Balanced inputs: 10 k ohms line level sensitivity selected.

Unbalanced input: 5 k ohms, line level sensitivity selected.

Mic switch sensitivity Increase: 26 dB

Infrasonic filter protection: 36 dB/octave roll-off

Nominal amplifier frequency response: +0, -1 dB from 10 Hz to 30 kHz

Hum and noise: Greater than 90 dB below rated power

DDT dynamic range: Greater than 14 dB

THD and IM: Typically less than 0.1 %

Damping factor: Greater than 50 @ 1000 Hz, 4 ohms

Power requirements of Peavey® SP®2P system (domestic):

Nominal 200 watts, 120 VAC, 60 Hz

Fuse Type:

For 120 VAC USE: International fuse classification T10AH 250V. In the USA, types GDC, GMC, 215, 218, and 477 cartridge-style 5 x 20 mm size time-delay fuses with a 10 amp 250V rating can be used.

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