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Randall T2 Valve Dynamic Series Guitar Amplifier Head
Designed with a simple straight ahead front panel layout, the T2 has a shorter signal path that produces an extremely powerful, punishing tone. A true 3 mode amplifier, the T2 provides an extremely wide range of tones to fit any playing style while seriously catering to those who hunger fo..
$1,624.98 $999.00
Randall V2 Valve Dynamic Series Guitar Amplifier Head
Developed for the guitarist who likes multiple tone shaping options, the extremely versatile V2 can basically produce any tone you want utilizing a full tube preamp, as well as our classic Randall solid-state preamp. Holding true to our Hi-Gain roots, we’ve broken the boundaries of modern de..
$1,785.88 $1,099.00
Sundown Rover SD-15R 15 Watt Guitar Amp With Reverb
Sundown Rover SD-15R 15 watt amplifier with reverb We now offer Sundown's practice amp that looks and sounds like a world class amp for a fraction of its handmade boutique cousin. The sundown sd-15 was engineered to not only sound great but to do it with an unprecedented flair. Possibly ..
$129.95 $79.95
Sundown ST-5 5 Watt Tube Amp
Sundown ST-5 5 watt tube amplifier Guitar players worldwide have been familiar with the solid state line of Sundown amps owned and distributed by SHS International for the past 5 years. What most players don’t know is that the original Sundown amplifiers were introduced in the 80’s as al..
$399.95 $269.95
Eden EM15 Metromix 8'' Multi-Purpose Amplifier
Eden EM15 Metromix - Description: 2 instrument inputs with individual volume & tone. 2 separate headphone outputs. 1/8" Media Player input, speaker mute switch & rear panel line out. The EM15 is the perfect tool for bedroom practice & jamming and is great for music instru..
$200.00 $149.99
Eden EM25 Metromix 8'' Monitor Style Combo
Eden EM25 Metromix - Description: Tilted monitor style cabinet with 2 instrument inputs, individual volumes, 2 headphone outputs with individual level controls. Master section with flexible tone control. 1/8" Media Player input. Rear panel line out & stereo RCA inputs. The EM25 i..
$270.00 $199.99
Eden EM275 Metromix 2 x 10'' Monitor Style Combo
Eden EM275 Metromix - Description: Tilted monitor style cabinet with 150W stereo power amp powering two 10" full extended range coax style speakers. Two instrument inputs with parametric EQ with one featuring flexible distortion for electric guitar. Channels 1 & 2 feature pan control..
$680.00 $499.99
Fender Mini Deluxe Amplifier
Honey, I shrunk the Hot Rod Deluxe! The Fender Mini Deluxe Amp has a level of detail unmatched by any other mini amplifier. Functional "dogbone" handle, chrome control plate, mini chicken-head knobs. And the Mini Deluxe has Fender tone,..
$60.00 $39.99
Stagg 15 GA DR 15 Watt Guitar Amplifier w/Digital Reverb
The Stagg 15 GA DR offers all the great standard Amplification features found on all Stagg models and more! Additional adjustable Digital Reverb has been built into this smart 15 watt model to sit alongside other impressive features such as Volume & Gain control, 3-Band EQ (Bass/Paramet..
$119.99 $79.99
Stagg 40 GA R USA 40 Watt 2-Channel Guitar Amplifier With Spring Reverb
Stagg 40 GA R USA 40 watt RMS 2-channel guitar amplifier with spring reverb Stagg 40 GA R USA Features: 1 x 10" speaker Metal front grille High impedance instrument input 2 channels (clean/overdrive) with independent volume controls, selectable via panel ..
$279.99 $179.99
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