Hohner Pocket Pal Harmonica in the Key of C

Hohner Pocket Pal Harmonica in the Key of C
Hohner Pocket Pal Harmonica in the Key of C
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An easy to play, affordable model in the Key of C. The reeds of Diatonic Harmonicas produce the notes of the scale to which they are tuned For example, a diatonic harmonica tuned to the key of C would produce the natural notes of the C scale without sharps and flats (picture the white keys on a piano, without the black keys)

The Harmonica also known as the French harp has been the fundamental instrument used by blues and country music pioneers since the beginning. Today it is the bedrock of bluegrass and foke music, one of the most compact instruments of our time it's very portable and makes a fine gift idea for that special friend or family member. Smart stocking-stuffer item.

Hohner Pocket Pal Features:

  • Each hole has two reeds; one plays when breath is exhaled (blow) and the other when inhaled (draw)
  • The individual reeds are each tuned to play a different note on the scale
  • 12 per master case, sold individually
  • Key of "C"

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