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Behringer ULTRAZONE ZMX8210 8 Ch 3 Bus Mixer
8-channel, 3-bus mic/line zone mixer with remote control and link ports. The Behringer ULTRAZONE ZMX8210 inputs up to 8 signals to any or all of 3 destinations. For example, you can use your ULTRAZONE mixer to play stereo music for clients ..
$224.99 $149.99
Elite Core PM-16-CORE Personal Monitor Mixer
The PM-16 features volume and pan control plus a signal present LED for all sixteen channels. A personal ambient microphone is built into each mixer as well as a graphic EQ, compressor, and master volume. Neutrik Ethercon connectors and full rack mount functionality insure that the Elite Cor..
$499.99 $329.99
Pyle PHA211 Compact Headphone Amplifier w/+48V Phantom Power
The PyleUSA Monitor Headphone Amplifier allows you to control two independent audio sources, a microphone and connected monitor. Fine-tune your sound and enjoy convenient rotary volume level controls. +48 V phantom power support allows for compatibility with a wide range of audio equipment g..
$57.99 $34.99
Zebra ZMX-100 4 Channel Mini Mixer
Zebra ZMX-100 four input channels / one output channel mini mic/line/monitor/headphone mixer with dual source power suply. Zebra ZMX-100 Features: 4 Mic Inputs 1 Line Output 20dB Gain Power Supply: DC 12V AC 100-240V ..
$31.99 $29.99
Zebra ZMX200 8 Channel Mini Mixer
Zebra ZMX200 eight input channels / two output channels mini mic/line/monitor/headphone mixer with dual power suply. Zebra ZMX200 Features: 8 Mic/Line Input Channels 2 Line Output 20dB Gain Power Supply: DC 12V AC 100-240V ..
$40.47 $34.99
Pyle PHA40 4-Channel Stereo Headphone Amplifier
Pyle's compact flexible PHA40 can power up to four pairs of headphones with up to four independent volumes. Grab this super-compact amp during your sessions to power practically any headphones--four of them at the same time, to be exact. This allows four people in your studio to listen to th..
$53.99 $29.99
Pyle PHA80 4 Channel Stereo Headphone Amplifier
The PHA80 features four totally independent stereo high-power amplifier sections, each with dual outputs. You can use the phones level control plus the accurate 6-digit LED output meter per channel for easy level monitoring. There are two balanced stereo main inputs with independent Level an..
$139.99 $69.99
Pyle PHE7AB USB Digital to Analog Headphone Amplifier
This portable headphone amplifier also functions as a USB soundcard for your PC. Bypass your PC or Mac’s existing DAC circuit and use the high-quality Wolfson DAC for a cleaner, more accurate sound. This headphone amplifier utilizes Texas Instruments amplifier technology for high performance..
$244.99 $109.99
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