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Audix OM11 Premium Dynamic Vocal Microphone
Great for rock lead vocals with mid-range presence. The Audix OM11 Premium Dynamic Vocal Microphone is useful in a wide variety of live, studio, and broadcast applications. This OM11 is a reissue of the original Audix OM1, a hand-made microphone ..
$359.00 $239.00
Based on 1 reviews.
Audix OM2 Professional Microphone
A great sounding vocal mic for a friendly price. The American-made Audix OM2 is a hand-held dynamic vocal microphone designed primarily for live performance. With a hypercardioid pickup pattern and a frequency response of 50-16k Hz, the OM2 mic h..
$149.99 $99.00
Based on 8 reviews.
Audix OM3 Professional Microphone
Clear and accurate for mid-to-large PA systems. The Audix OM3 Hypercardioid Vocal Mic is designed, assembled, and tested by Audix in the USA. The OM3 is a dynamic vocal microphone used for a wide variety of live, studio, and broadcast application..
$199.99 $129.00
Based on 3 reviews.
Audix OM5 Studio/Live Microphone
Concert-level performance with mid-range presence boost. The Audix OM5 Dynamic Microphone is capable of producing high-quality sound at very high SPLs without distortion or feedback. The OM5 mic is naturally attenuated at 120Hz to reduce boomines..
$265.00 $159.00
Based on 5 reviews.
Audix OM6 Touring Concert Microphone
Wide frequency response and broad hypercardioid polar pattern for purer sound. The OM6 is a full-range microphone capable of reproducing tones down to 63Hz. An extremely pure and accurate sounding mic, the OM6 has a more studio-like sound a..
$329.99 $219.00
Based on 3 reviews.
Audix OM7 Rock Concert Microphone
Crank it up without feedback. The Audix OM7 microphone delivers a clear, natural, and undistorted sound, even under the most challenging concert conditions. Designed specifically for pro touring, the OM7 mic features a controlled low-gain output ..
$349.99 $219.00
Based on 8 reviews.
Electro-Voice N/D767a Dynamic Supercardioid Lead Vocal Microphone
First choice among singers and engineers. The Electro-Voice N/D767a Dynamic Supercardioid Vocal Microphone boasts extremely low handling noise. N/DYM dynamic supercardioid lead microphone. Features VOB technology for reduced boominess, sibilance, and plosives. Frequency response: (near) ..
$183.00 $129.00
Based on 5 reviews.
JTS IN164R Complete Handheld Wireless Mic System
Phase-locked Loop (PLL) synthesized tuner. Powered by 2 x AA batteries with 12 hrs. average battery life. Heavy Duty Plastic casing. LCD display with channel and battery life indicator, ID number. The “lock-on” function prevents tampering and RF interruption. Extended dynamic range and smoot..
$624.99 $499.00
JTS UF-20 Handheld Dual Channel UHF Wireless Microphone System
JTS UF-20 Complete UHF dual channel wideband true diversity Handheld wireless microphone system JTS UF-20R Features: UHF True diversity technology renders 200-480 meters of operation distance Maximum 2400 to 3000 selectable frequencies across 60 to 75 MHz Preset 15 groups ..
$1,999.99 $1,599.00
JTS-HHS2 Remoset Handheld Wireless Mic System
JTS US-901D/MH-950 UHF PLL single channel true diversity receiver with handheld transmitter JTS US-901D Features: Single Transmitter operation. PLL synthesized technology with 193 selectable UHF channels. True Diversity Technology prevents dropouts in the RF link. ..
$499.99 $349.00
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