Peavey 15" Low Max Black Widow Subwoofer

Peavey 15" Low Max Black Widow Subwoofer
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Finally, there’s a subwoofer driver that just might be stronger than your biggest amplifier. With an almost inconceivable power handling capacity of 2,400 watts program, the Lo Max has more real-world power handling than any other commerically available sound reinforcement loudspeaker. A no-compromise design combines this power capacity with high efficiency, excellent frequency response and low distortion for revolutionary performance. It even works well in compact enclosures.


The Lo Max utilizes the same strong Kevlar composite cone and dustcap used in the Low Rider series. The cone is strong and tough, and uses an innovative asymmetrical-M surround for superior excursion and motion control. 

High quality gold-on-brass spring plunger terminals accepting large gauge wire are attached to large diameter, high current tinsel leads to withstand high current, high temperatures and long excursion. The tinsel termination is coated with an elastomer material to improve flex life. 

The massive 4" diameter voice coil uses polyimide-insulated copper ribbon wire, edge-wound and bonded onto an incredibly durable and heat resistant polyimide composite former. With a winding height of 1.150", the long coil has much more surface area to dissipate heat and its increased length drives the cone to far higher excursion. The coil is overcoated with a tough thermoset epoxy for added durability, abrasion resistance and heat dissipation.

Coil wires are solderless diffusion welded to high conductivity OFHC copper ribbon leads, which are embedded inside the former assembly and soldered to the tinsel leads with high temperature silver solder. The solder joint is then coated with a special thermally conductive silicone adhesive for encapsulation and heat dissipation. 

The voice coil assembly is bonded to the Kevlar composite cone and incredibly tough, plastiseal-coated Nomex progressive-roll spider using a thermoset epoxy originally developed for attaching nose cones on ICBM missiles – truly an aerospace-grade adhesive. 

The stunning, 28 lb., chrome-plated Lo Max magnet structure is all new and was designed using extensive Finite Element computer modeling. Its back plate/pole piece is forged from a single massive billet of ultra-low carbon steel and is a prime example of form following function. The pole is extended well beyond the 12.5 mm thick front plate to improve magnetic linearity and coil cooling. The magnet structure is powered by two full-size Black Widow® magnets in a stacked configuration. 

A specially designed vent plate adds additional cooling for the voice coil. This heat-conductive, ported and finned aluminum ring delivers cool air pumped by the spider directly to the voice coil to keep operating temperatures under control. The improved cooling increases power handling and reliability and reduces power compression. 

The new aluminum frame is tough and rigid, with the strength needed to hold the cone and magnet in perfect alignment. The deep dish design and large spider clearance make high excursion and high output possible.

These dynamic new drivers also utilize the user-friendly Black Widow replaceable basket assemblies with rubatex gaskets. The result of all these specially designed components are loudspeakers that are truly amazing. The extremely high power handling and more than 1.5" of available cone travel combine for astonishing low frequency output, while the possibility of small enclosures adds a new dimension to compact, high output sound reinforcement systems.


The Lo Max is specifically designed for subwoofer use, with extremely high output capabilities and almost inconceivable power handling. It is usable to 500 Hz, although most subwoofer applications will be below 150 Hz.

The compact enclosure designs are ideal for instrument amplification and high portability applications such as DJ and small touring bands. They provide solid bass performance in extraordinarily small enclosures. The very small size offers interesting possibilities to large touring systems due to reduced load-out volume.

The medium-sized enclosures are still smaller than usual and have more bass extension and much higher output capabilities than conventional designs. They are excellent choices for high performance sound reinforcement.

For permanent installations and applications requiring extremely deep bass performance, the large, vented enclosures are ideal. The extreme, deep bass and high sound pressure levels these systems can produce are almost beyond comprehension.

The extremely high output capabilities of Lo Max drivers increase the probability of structural damage to buildings, as well as possibly inducing permanent hearing loss, nausea, vertigo and intestinal disturbances in listeners. In perticular, tiles may loosen and fall from suspended ceiling grids.


  • Impedance: 8 Ohms
  • Power capacity: 4800 W Peak 2400 W Program 1200 W Continuous
  • Sensitivity: 95.1 dB / 1 W 1m
  • Usable freq. range: 30Hz - 500 Hz
  • Cone: Kevlar impregnated cellulose
  • Voice coil diameter: 4.0" / 100 mm
  • Voice coil material: Polyimide coated copper ribbon wire Polyimide-impregnated fiberglass former Nomex stiffener Solderless diffusion welded OFHC copper leads
  • Net weight lb. / kg: 32.5 lbs. / 14.8 kg
  • Znom (ohms) 8
  • Revc (ohms) 5.40
  • Sd (Square Meters) 0.089
  • BL (T/M) 23.40
  • Fo (Hz) 38.5
  • Vas (liters) 124.0
  • Cms (uM/N) 110.8
  • Mms (gm) 146.00
  • Qms 11.00
  • Qes 0.364
  • Qts 0.385
  • Xmax (mm) 10.2
  • Le (mH) 0.75
  • SPL (1W 1m) 95.5
  • No (%) 2.20 %
  • Vd (cu. in. / ml) 55.15/904
  • Pmax (Watts pgm.) 2400
  • Disp (cu. in. / ml) 242/3960
  • Diameter: 15 inches
  • Weight Unpacked: 32.63 lb(14.8 kg)
  • Weight Packed: 36.60 lb(16.6 kg)
  • Width Packed: 18"(45.72 cm)
  • Height Packed: 18"(45.72 cm)
  • Depth Packed: 9"(22.86 cm)

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