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Behringer CX2310 SUPER-X PRO Crossover
Simple operation, absolute precision, and state-of-the-art circuitry equals pro performance for a piddling price. The Behringer CX2310 Super-X Pro Crossover is a High-Precision Stereo 2-Way/Mono 3-Way Crossover with Subwoofer Output ..
$119.99 $79.99
Behringer CX3400 Super-X Pro 3-Way Stereo Crossover
Precision active-frequency crossover for 2- or 3-way stereo or 4-way mono operation. The CX3400 3-way stereo/4-way mono crossover features absolute precision, state-of-the-art circuitry, with superior-grade components, ultra low-noise op am..
$194.99 $129.99
Behringer ULTRADRIVE PRO DCX2496 Crossover
Versatile digital loudspeaker management system. The Behringer ULTRA-DRIVE PRO DCX2496 is an indispensable tool for the precise setup of multiple loudspeaker systems or arrays. Installation contractors, live-sound engineers, cinemas/discotheques/..
$659.99 $326.99
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dbx DriveRack PA+ Complete Loudspeaker Management System
A reliable loudspeaker management system that optimizes your sound. The dbx DriveRack PA+ Loudspeaker Management System builds on the tradition of the earlier DriveRack PA—one of the world's most popular loudspeaker managers. Showcasing all the featur..
$749.95 $499.95
Based on 3 reviews.
Gemini CX-1000 Electronic Crossover
Gemini’s CX-1000 is a 3-way crossover, allowing DJs and clubs to split their signal into three separate signals, each with their own frequency range. This allows users to get the most out of their subwoofers, drivers, and horns by optimizing the audio signal’s frequency range and tailoring i..
$149.95 $99.95
Gemini EQ2 Dual 15 Band Graphic Equalizer
Gemini EQ2 dual 15 band graphic equalizer Gemini EQ2 Features: Dual 15-band, 2/3-octave frequency bands Switchable boost/cut range of +/-12dB or +/-6dB on each band 1/4” balanced/ RCA unbalanced inputs & outputs Balanced XLR output Record RCA output ..
$199.99 $99.95
Pyle Pro PPCX3 3-Way Stereo Crossover with Subwoofer Output
The Pyle Pro PPCX3 3-way stereo crossover with separate sub-woofer output The PPCX3 is designed for any Biamp system, sporting 3 independent channels and a separate output channel for your subwoofer. The system sports the always appreciated Linkwitz Riley 12dB/Octave Filters, which have ..
$199.99 $99.99
Pyramid PR3000 Home/Studio/Club Electronic Crossover
Pyramid PR3000 active home, studio or stage electronic crossover network Pyramid PR3000 Features: 3-way 6 channel crossover for home or club use On/off switch with LED power indicator Low frequency: Low pass: 50Hz, 90Hz, 180Hz, 360Hz, 720Hz Mid frequency: High pas..
$173.99 $79.99
Pyle Pro PPCX2 2-Way Stereo Crossover with Subwoofer Output
Pyle Pro PPCX2 2 way active stereo crossover with separate sub-woofer output. Pyle Pro PPCX2 Features: Designed for bi-amped systems 2 independent channels Separate subwoofer channel State of the art crossover technology Precise Frequency Control for Multi..
$179.99 $79.99
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